Quake Recovery Includes Planning for Next Disaster

CRS partner Caritas is in Sumatra helping residents recover from devastating earthquakes. Part of the process includes helping residents plan for future quakes, as Tim O’Connor, Caritas Australia Communications Officer in Padang, explains in this story:

“Our only plan when the earthquake happens is to go to a flat area”, said Banjung from the remote village of Ilalang Gadang. Cafod (Caritas England and Wales) and their local partner Aceh People’s Forum are delivering food aid here in this badly affected area but this comment from Banjung illustrates the real reason they are working here.

Situated about two and a half hours drive from Padang where the Caritas emergency response is being coordinated, the main road from Padang to this small village is dotted with many blue tarpaulins which people are using as temporary shelter due to the earthquake that shook Padang and surrounds on 30th September.

As we drive to the village we pass Russian medical teams delivering medical assistance and vans and trucks loaded with aid supplies, yet not much assistance has got out this far, one week on from the quake.

Turning off the busy main road we head into rice paddies and whilst the impact of the earthquake appears indiscriminate in Padang where huge piles of debris are often book-ended by perfectly erect houses, out in this village virtually every house is seriously damaged.

Read the full story here.

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