Promoting Peace in Sudan

Sudan vote

CRS’ support for election education encouraged Sudanese to vote “yes” to peaceful elections and “no” to violence. Photo by Debbie DeVoe/CRS

This week, election results are being announced in Sudan. There have been a few incidents of violence, but overall the voting went peacefully. Now Catholic Relief Services hopes the peace will hold as people learn of the results.

As announced last month, CRS is implementing $4 million worth of new peacebuilding projects in Sudan. In the lead-up to the election, we undertook multiple activities to help support peaceful elections in Southern Sudan:

Going forward, CRS is supporting the Kajiko II dialogues, to be led by the Sudan Council of Churches at the end of May. These talks are a reminder of the original Kajiko dialogues of 1997, which helped reunite the south after a violent rift among leaders. Kajiko II discussions will focus on healing today’s rifts in Sudanese communities, bringing together religious, political and civil society leaders.

Reported by Debbie DeVoe, CRS’ regional information officer for eastern and southern Africa, and Tom Purekal, CRS Sudan’s peacebuilding and governance program manager

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