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Progress on Farm Bill Lauded, More Action Needed

Thanks in part to Catholics in the United States like you raising your voice, the Senate late last week passed a Farm Bill that includes some important provisions that will help maintain our nation’s leadership role in the world to confront global hunger. While our Catholic community may not have succeeded in including every provision we wanted in the Farm Bill, with your help, we raised the profile of our concerns and ensured that our elected officials heard our position based on our faith’s teachings.

Find out how the domestic and environmental issues that our Church community advocated for fared in the Senate Farm Bill here.


Now that the Senate has completed its work on the Farm Bill, the measure moves to the House of Representatives. It is expected that the House Agriculture Committee will take up their version of the Farm Bill the week of July 9th.


Encourage your Representative to raise the minimum funding level for safe box programs to more reasonable, historically consistent levels and preserve and build upon some of the improvements in the Senate Farm Bill. Take Action Now!
Pray individually, with your family, your faith community or use these resources as bulletin inserts at your parish: These prayer cards/bulletin inserts feature stories about the impact of the Farm Bill on people in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Haiti, and India. Get prayer resources here.
Thank you, again, for making phone calls to your Senators, writing them letters and emails, visiting their offices and talking to your friends and family about these important issues. Our Catholic community has made a real, tangible difference in this debate and it’s all because of you. May God bless your ongoing efforts to ensure that our nation plays the leadership role we expect to confront global hunger, to assist our brothers and sisters most in need and to help lift people out of poverty everywhere.

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