Saving Lives By Preparing for Disaster

This month’s letter from CRS President Ken Hackett, dealing with disaster preparedness, has been posted on our website. Here’s a snippet:

As we enter the height of the Atlantic hurricane season, disaster preparedness is very much on our minds at Catholic Relief Services.

CRS is known for our efficient and effective response to disaster. But a key aspect of emergency response is working with high-risk communities before a disaster so they will be better able to cope when catastrophe strikes.

This kind of disaster preparedness can take several forms. We can help a community reduce their vulnerability by learning from previous disasters, lessons they know well. CRS helps to save lives and livelihoods by working with communities to plan before disaster strikes: developing emergency committees; establishing simple and effective early warning systems; identifying the most vulnerable who will need immediate assistance; defining evacuation routes; and preparing shelters and safe havens.

Read the rest of Ken’s letter.

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