Praying for an End to the Violence between Gaza and Israel

We ask you to please join us in praying for the safety of our staff, partners and brothers and sisters in the Middle East as the violence escalates between Gaza and Israel. Catholic Relief Services has staff on the ground and can assure you we are monitoring the situation closely and will respond with a compassionate humanitarian response if needed.

If the situation continues to deteriorate, we know from past experience that there may be delays getting emergency supplies to the people who will immediately need it. Currently, we are praying that cooler heads will prevail, while making initial preparations for an eventual response.

Given the instability of the current situation, CRS may need to respond as quickly as possibly. Therefore, we invite you to go here to help with our response to emergencies like this. As always, thanks for your support. We could not perform this lifesaving work in so many places around the world without your generous gifts.

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