Prayers for Survivors of Deadly Flooding in Nigeria

Our thoughts and prayers are with hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria who have lost loved ones and the millions left homeless by flooding across the country.

We invite you to go here to help with emergencies like this. As always, thanks for your support. It encourages us and the people we serve in your name.

Heavy rainfall between July and September has caused severe flooding across Nigeria, leaving more than 2 million people homeless and killing 363, according to news reports. CRS, in collaboration with Caritas Nigeria, is planning an emergency response to assist those affected.

CRS’ Lionel Lajous has been traveling to affected communities in Nigeria’s Delta State, one of the most affected areas, to assess the most urgent needs of communities there.

“Despite the scale of the disaster, I have seen people working together in solidarity to protect themselves and their homes from the floods,” he said. “One city in Delta state was about 40% submerged under water, but it could have been worse had the community not come together to erect sand bag walls to protect part of the city.”

CRS will support the Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) to distribute urgent relief materials over the next three months and educate communities on the treatment of water and the promotion of good hygiene to stave off disease.

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