Reader Question: The Power of Prayer

How have you seen the power of prayer work in your life?

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8 Responses to “Reader Question: The Power of Prayer”

  1. Kate Says:


    In addition to my prayers, I’ve asked the Carmelite Nuns to keep some special prayer intentions for my family & friends in mind.

    The power of their prayer is absolutely amazing! Some amazing changes have taken place since I spoke with them & told them the things on my mind.

  2. Jack Says:

    The Blessed Virgin Mary has granted me signal graces on at least three occasions – when I was 17 and again when I was 21 she gave me the power to run 1 second faster in the 100 yard dash, perhaps 3 or even 4 seconds in the 220 and almost 10 seconds in the 440.

    When I was 23 she allowed me to sing an octave lower. I went from being a 2nd tenor to a full fledged baritone. All my gifts disappeared as wonderously as they had appeared. But it was wonderful to have been given them nonetheless.

    And the lasting gift I was given was hope.

  3. Jim McBride Says:

    My prayer life shifted into high gear when my daughter was severely injured in a car accident. I spoke to God many times a day for the next several years as she recovered. In looking back I realize that God indeed answered my prayers but more than that, brought my family together under his care. I trust Him completely to watch over us all, no matter how dark our days become.

  4. LaRae Says:

    There are so many situations where the power of prayer has commanded the outcome…but I will share this one.

    What is a miracle? A miracle is an unexpected event attributed to divine intervention.

    2004 my father was dying! He’d experienced his second stroke and within a week of being hospitalized, he was diagnosed with cancer.

    He was moved to a nursing home for rehab. immediately after the stroke, all the while, going back and forth for radiation and chemotherapy. He was fading fast, mostly because I could not be there with him all day as I had to be at work and he was afraid & feeling abandoned.

    He had no income & no insurance. If he passed away, I did not know how I was going to bury him. I managed to find an insurance company & but I could only purchase burial insurance. Constantly praying all the time for my father’s recovery but wisely preparing for whatever God’s will might be. When you purchase burial insurance, two things are mandatory…you must pre-prepare the funeral to ensure coverage amounts, and the insured must survive a minimum of 2 years from the effective date of the insurance in order to collect the full benefit. I kept at it… fervantly praying for my father’s recovery, strength to plan a funeral for a man who was still alive, and that if it be God’s will that He calls him home…Lord can You wait at least 2 years. I prayed to keep my sanity, to remain in school, to focus at work…for help to get through it all…alone with no siblings to help, just me, my faith & prayer!

    The power of prayer has not only taught me that He can and He will if you have faith…but it has also reminded me of the old saying…”you might not get what you want but you will always get what you need”. Well, I lost my job and drop out of school that year…but through prayer, my dad is a cancer survivor with 7 years under his belt (God gave us the 2 years plus) and he now lives with me!

  5. Lynn Kearney Says:

    A friend went to the emergeny room with stroke like symptoms. Later it was determined that her breast cancer had metasticized and that she had a brain tumor along with others. She “died” three times but came back in the emergency room. Doctors were amazed. Her husband said it was a miracle. He did not mean miracle in the religious sense. A couple of days later I was thinking, as I washed my face, that I had been praying for her to St. Anthony of Padua for a long time. At that moment a light behind me came on; I saw it in a mirror. There was no way I could have accidentally turned the light on. I tried to turn it off. It would not go off, and I thought it was because of wet fingers. Later, I turned the light on with wet fingers.


    Ib the year 1940, I was a newspaper boy. On the last night of a contest just before Thanksgiving, I needed one more order for a 25 pound turkey. My father had died the year before. I had one more paper to deliver on my route on a cold Thursday night and then I had to hurry back to the office to pay my bill. I prayed while riding my bicycle, “Lord, I’ve never used Your name in vain. How about getting me an order?” I stopped my bicycle at the last customer’s house on my route, kicked the kick stand down, delivered the last paper and walked back to my bicycle. A black Buick automobile stopped at the curb next to my bicycle and the driver opened the window. He asked me if the paper was the Long Island Daily Star and I said it was. I asked, “Would you like one? Would you like to have one delivered to your house every day?” The driver said he would and he signed a subscription card after entering his address on it. As he drove away, I realized what had happened and I’ve been thanking God ever since. I’ve never been alone again.

  7. Michael Says:

    Last summer my dog got bad hotspots that got infected with maggots and caused him a fever that almost killed him. The day my parents brought him to the vet, I became very worried.

    While they were at the vet, I started crying and then I decided to pray from a St. Jude Prayer Card/bookmark that we have. I also vowed to pray the rosary, which I did later that week.

    I asked Jesus and Mary to save my dog. And I also prayed a prayer card to St. Anthony.

    My dog got released from the vet’s the next day and is now recovered.

    Then the day before New Year’s Eve this year my Grandma went to the hospital, but the conditions were not that serious. Nonetheless, I prayed all the aforementioned prayers, plus added a prayer to St. Francis Xavier that I got in High School. My Grandma got out about a week later, and now she’s doing much better.

  8. Anne McDevitt Says:

    Prayer has been a constance source of peace, joy and power. I sturggle with anxiety and have elderly parents. My family is not close by. Prayer has a very unifying effect for me. When I am close to God throught prayer I am close to family and friends.

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