Pope’s Poverty Message Draws a Blueprint For Peace

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, recently appointed to head the archdiosese of New York, wrote in Commonweal about the need for Catholics to respond to Pope Benedict’s call to fight global poverty.

From the article: “It is tempting to turn inward during an economic crisis, to let our material anxieties blind us to those whose plight is far worse than our own. Now more than ever, though, we must ensure that the needs of the poorest of the poor are on the agenda of our government and in the minds of every American Catholic, that the poor receive the compassion and assistance our faith calls us to bring them. Pope Benedict calls on Christians and all people of goodwill ‘to expand their hearts to meet the needs of the poor and to take whatever practical steps are possible in order to help them.’ This is not a new mission for the church, but its urgency has never before been so clear.”

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