Pope John Paul II to be Beatified in May

With great awe and reverence, Catholic Relief Services rejoices at the news that Pope John Paul II will be beatified this coming May 1. During his Papacy, Pope John Paul embraced the poor, challenged despots and extended an olive branch to people of all faiths. He was servant of God and champion of human dignity.

CRS was blessed by Pope John Paul’s visit to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1995. Thousands of bright red and yellow CRS banners greeted Pope John Paul as he rolled into Oriole Park at Camden Yards to celebrate mass on October 8. Addressing CRS and our mission was an integral part of the Pope’s visit to Maryland. In a proclamation presented to agency executives, the Pontiff said, “Catholic Relief Services is known for the effective and innovative programs of assistance which it sponsors throughout the world.”

Later at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption, the first Catholic cathedral in the United States, Pope John Paul reemphasized the importance of our mission: “Catholic Relief Services testifies to the unity of the human family and the equal and inalienable dignity of each and every person.” Underling the point, the Pope said, “CRS is inspired by Christ’s teaching and example.”

We pray that Pope John Paul’s legacy continues to inspire world leaders to seek accord, and people everywhere to find salvation, comfort and joy in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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