Philippines Flood Survivor and Her Goats Safe

Flood survivor

After receiving her emergency kit from CRS and partners, Amelita Cabinatan took CRS to see her village and her goats. Photo by Maria Josephine Wijiastuti/CRS

Amelita S. Cabinatan and her family are living in a gymnasium with several hundred other families. She won’t be able to return home for another 2-3 months until the lake’s floodwater recedes.

Last week, Amelita was one of 2,0000 families who received water cans, hygiene supplies, and emergency supplies like sleeping mats, blanket and towels at St. Clement parish church, Angono. “I am so grateful and to receive all these materials. The kits are good and useful. We will definitely use it. Thank you”.

Amelita is a street sweeper who works in Public Safety and Order Service, but she’s no longer working since the park and streets are flooded.

“My husband is a fisherman in the lake. I have 8 children and they sometimes help my husband to fish. We are glad that our goats are still alive. They are our remaining assets now.” Amelita and her husband made a simple shelter to protect her goats close to her submerged house.

Amelita greets everyone with a grateful smile. Her house is submerged in flood water after 39 inches of rain fell on Manila in early August.

“It was August 5, 2012 the water has reached the ceiling of our house. We prepared to move to covered court evacuation center as the rain did not stop pouring my areas and rising rivers and lake submerged.”

After receiving her emergency kit from CRS and partners Amelita took CRS by boat to see her village and the goats. Men were wading through waist- to chest-high water to reach their homes. We walk along the river and Amelita points to her house “That is my house, the water almost cover the ceiling now”.

Catholic Relief Services will distribute emergency supplies for 25,000 people living in evacuation centers.

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