Papal Message Reflects Core Principles of Operation Rice Bowl

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Last year, Catholics raised more than $7 million through Operation Rice Bowl, 75 percent of which is used to fund hunger and poverty projects in 40 countries. The remaining 25 percent stays in U.S. dioceses to support food pantries and soup kitchens.

The Papal Lenten message highlights the very tenets of Operation Rice Bowl: “It is precisely to keep alive this welcoming and attentive attitude towards our brothers and sisters that I encourage the parishes and every other community to intensify in Lent the custom of private and communal fasts, joined to the reading of the Word of God, prayer and almsgiving.”

“Operation Rice Bowl gives people in developing countries hope and an opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty and hunger by earning a steady income, increasing their farming production and connecting to markets where they receive a fair price for their crops,” CRS President Ken Hackett, explains. “And it gives people here an opportunity to show support for those less fortunate.”

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