ORB Reflection: March 31

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Station 10: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Stripped of their opportunity to learn, only 65% of children in Ghana are in school, compared to 92% of children in the US.

GIVE 65¢ to your Rice Bowl for each year of education you have received.

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One Response to “ORB Reflection: March 31”

  1. Richard Malaya Says:

    The reflection touches on main real life issues especially in my country Zambia.Many people especially the women, youths and children are stripped of my life opportunities.
    Stripped of their opportunity to :
    1.Basic education.
    3.A decent meal and clean water.
    4.To participate in civil and political matters affecting their lives.
    5.Speak on as they think regarding their human rights.
    6.Owner land in their names.
    7.Employment and a decent wage/salary.
    The list is endless in all the communities.May Christ Jesus who was stripped of his garments on Good Friday help us to cloth all those in need with a new garment full of opportunities in the coming Easter Season.Thanks.

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