ORB Lenten Reflection, March 6

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PRAY the Lenten Prayer.

FAST in solidarity with those who are hungry by eating a simple meal today.

LEARN about our neighbors in Egypt by preparing this week’s simple meal.

GIVE the money you saved by fasting and eating a simple meal to your Rice Bowl.

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4 Responses to “ORB Lenten Reflection, March 6”

  1. Mauriat Says:

    Thanks for fixing the logo.

  2. John Lindner Says:

    Sorry. Didn’t know there was a problem with the logo. What was wrong?

  3. Mauriat Says:

    It showed up as 1800×1200 in a RSS feed reader, making the feed difficult to read. I sent an email to someone a few days ago. Looks like someone took care of it.

  4. John Lindner Says:

    Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to point that out.

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