Operation Rice Bowl Offers Lenten Connection

For many families, Lent is a special time of prayer and reflection. And while we pray for our loved ones and those closest to us, we should also reflect on so many of our brothers and sisters in the developing world who struggle every day to provide enough food for their families. Although in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti much of our focus is on the desperate needs there, we cannot forget that every day children around the world die from hunger and its consequences.

With only weeks until Ash Wednesday, I look forward with great anticipation to Operation Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services’ annual Lenten program that addresses hunger and poverty around the world and this year will help us focus on our brothers and sisters in need in Haiti and elsewhere.

Through Operation Rice Bowl, we read personal stories of people who have been able to improve their lives with CRS’ help. Women receive small loans to start their own businesses and earn profits to provide better opportunities for their children; farmers receive training and high-quality seeds to improve their crop yields; communities install wells that bring clean water to families.

It is inspiring to see the dramatic positive changes people can make in their own lives when they are given just a few more opportunities. When we participate in Operation Rice Bowl, we become a part of these success stories. I invite you to join CRS and participate in Operation Rice Bowl this Lent.

The program provides 40 opportunities to learn about, pray for and help those who don’t have enough to eat. With a calendar suggesting daily reflections and prayer and concrete ways to act, Operation Rice Bowl enables Catholics to observe Lent in both a spiritual and practical way.

Rosita Jackson, a fourth-grade teacher in Baltimore, has participated in the program for several years, using the opportunity to teach her students about the needs in far-flung places like Ethiopia and Bolivia, and turning Operation Rice Bowl into an important geography lesson. The enthusiasm of her students to learn about the people in other countries and their way of life is a great reminder of the importance of teaching our children about our global neighbors.

Operation Rice Bowl offers learning and prayer resources for all ages and situations. Whether we are cooking the meals together as a family and praying that our brothers and sisters will have enough to eat, or participating as a parish, Operation Rice Bowl is a multifaceted program enabling us all to get involved in our own way.

Thank you for your prayers and support for CRS and Operation Rice Bowl.

Joan Rosenhauer
Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations

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2 Responses to “Operation Rice Bowl Offers Lenten Connection”

  1. Shelly Jungwirth Says:

    Many of my communities in the past have participated in Operation Rice Bowl. Where can I submit an order for 50 or so for our community?

  2. Daniel Gebelin Says:

    Yes, I would very much like to introduce this to my son’s third grade class. Where can request further information and or submit an order?

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