‘Ocean-Minded’ Californians Pray for Quake, Tsunami Victims

From the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, California, where religious leaders, surfers and other “ocean-minded” people gathered to pray for Indonesian tsunami victims:

“We benefit greatly as a community from the gifts the ocean provides. The Blessing of the Waves seeks to bring our diverse community together in celebration of these many gifts. Sunday’s observance took on a different focus this year as our ocean community reached out in prayer and song to those suffering the destructive power of nature,” said the Most Rev. Tod D. Brown, Bishop of Orange.

As the many surfers and clergy gathered to participate in the Blessing of the Waves, half a world away in the same ocean, communities in Samoa, Tonga and Indonesia are suffering from the devastation brought by a strong earthquake which caused tidal waves. Many people and communities have been disrupted and the death toll remains uncertain. A violent typhoon crossed the Philippines and central Vietnam earlier this week, leaving many more dead or homeless.

“The Blessing of the Waves program brought together peoples of many faiths – sharing concern. St. Francis would be pleased to know that his voice is being heard by surfers, sailors, fishermen and other ocean-minded people. We hope their voices and prayers will be heard by those suffering in the Pacific Rim and by those responsible for the protection of this precious resource,” Bishop Brown concluded.

Full story here.

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