Number of Bishops Increases Worldwide

From an annual report published in Agenzia Fides, the Church’s missionary news service:

The number of bishops in the world increased by 48 units, to 4,946. Every continent, except America -2, registered an increase: Africa (+ 19); Asia, (+12) and Europe (+13) Oceania (+6). The increase in numbers regard both diocesan and religious Bishops: Diocesan bishops number 3,729 (40 more than in the previous year); Religious Bishops number 1,217 (increase of 8 units). The increase in diocesan bishops is registered on every continent: Africa (+12); Asia (+10), Europe (+15); Oceania (+3); whereas in America the situation remains unchanged. The number of religious Bishops increased slightly in Africa (+ 7); Asia (+2) and Oceania (+ 3), whereas the number dropped in Europe (-2) and America (-2).

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