Frontiers of Justice, Travelogue

“We Have Seen and We Believe”

On the sixth day of the Frontiers of Justice visit, the group visited the Notre Dame Minor Seminary/High School in Navrongo, Ghana. This entry was written by Gary Meyerl.

We awoke at 5:00 A.M. this morning. It was necessary to do so if we wanted to join the students of Notre Dame Minor Seminary/High School in Navrongo for morning Mass at 5:40 A.M.. Having visited two primary schools in Burkina Faso, we were all looking forward to our first visit to a Catholic secondary school in Ghana.

Notre Dame, one of three Catholic secondary schools in the Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga (one of the northern-most dioceses in Ghana), has been providing a quality Catholic education to boys throughout this region of the country since 1960. A boarding school for 260 boys, the students are served by an incredibly dedicated faculty, staff and administration made up of two priests, one religious sister and several lay men and women. Fr. Francis Kodelgo–the Rector/Principal of Notre Dame–was the first to welcome us upon our arrival on campus.

On this, the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, Fr. Francis challenged us and the students to remain curious, not be afraid to ask questions, and, like St. Thomas, allow what we see to transform our hearts and strengthen our belief. Like St. Thomas, we have witnessed firsthand the presence of the Lord, made known to us in the students, faculty and administration of Notre Dame.

A student at St. John’s Integrated School thanks the group for visiting their school through sign language

We have seen and we believe in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church in Africa. If not for the French Missionaries that first established this school in northern Ghana in 1960, many of these students, and those who have graduated prior to them, would not receive the education necessary to escape the cycle of extreme poverty. Ranked annually as one of the best performing schools in the country, Notre Dame continually produces young men who go on to serve the nation of Ghana as doctors, teachers, politicians, civil servants, etc…How blessed the Church is to have people like Fr. Francis, Sr. Martina, and the dedicated lay men and women who make up the faculty of Notre Dame Minor Seminary/Secondary School to shape and mold these young men by sharing their knowledge, faith and lives with them.

We have seen and we believe that miracles can and do happen when students receive three meals a day on as little as eighty-cents (US) per day. Many of these boys know of CRS as they participated in the CRS feeding programs in their primary schools. With their plate, fork and cup in hand (taken from their simple wooden locker), the students gather in the dining hall and gather around the table for breakfast, lunch and supper. In three weeks, however, many of these same students will go home for a two-month vacation and only have one meal a day to nourish their bodies.

We have seen and we believe in the fraternity of brotherhood – a bond that these young men share as they live together, laugh together, share meals, sing and pray together. How blessed they are to be forming life-long bonds of friendship with one another in a strong faith-based community!

We have seen and we believe in the joy of a student’s smile, the excitement that comes from learning, and the hope that the gift of Catholic education provides for their future.

We have seen and we believe!

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One Response to ““We Have Seen and We Believe””

  1. Richard Says:

    Helo it seems to me that my new to be school is very good and reliable. I would like to comment on the fact that Hardwork and Obedience is what should take place in this institution.
    All students of Notre Dame, I send my greetings to you. You are my seniors and predecessors and I promise to give you all the respect I can.

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