New Life, New Husband, New Baby for Woman Living With HIV

Christine Katyeka traveled from Zambia to Washington, D.C., to share her story of leading a healthy life with HIV. Today, she’ll tell her story at the Catholic Relief Services’ HIV Forum, held in the nation’s capitol. It’s fitting that she will speak in a city where funding of a bill called PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) gave her access to life-saving medicine.

Christine is bright, energetic, and full of inner strength. She had to rely on those qualities when her first husband wanted to take on a second wife.

“I thought to myself, ‘I am too smart to live in polygamy.’ “

It took strength to move back to her parents’ home, and to gather the courage to get an HIV test when she failed to recover from repeat infections. After she received a positive diagnosis, her father discouraged her from beginning anti-retroviral therapy.

“He said I would die if I started taking strong medicine. I had to find courage within myself to start treatment.”

She found a source to nurture that courage in a HIV support group where she met her husband, Danny.  They are the proud parents of a healthy toddler girl who does not have HIV.  And eventually, Christine’s father was won over by the profound improvement in his daughter’s health.

“Now he tells everyone to get tested, to get in treatment. He says ‘Look at my Christine!’  And they go.”

CRS’ HIV Continuum of Care Forum is underway in Washington, D.C., and experts from around the world are gathered to share best practices for providing services to people living with HIV. Although many of the discussions will be technical, the conference also highlights stories from people like Christine, individuals whose lives have been changed by quality HIV treatment and support services.

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