New Homes in Haiti: Residents Move into First Shelters

Temporary Shelter in Haiti

A look inside a completed temporary shelter in Haiti built by CRS and local partner Hospice St. Joseph. Photo by Benjamin Depp for CRS.

Catholic Relief Services, working with Haitians in a cash-for-work program, has completed construction of hundreds of temporary shelters for families left homeless after the January earthquake.

Marie Lucienne Charles stands proudly in her new home, constructed by CRS and local partner Hospice St. Joseph in the earthquake stricken neighborhood of Christ Roi.

After the earthquake CRS found a natural partner in Hospice St. Joseph, a ministry of the Diocese of Norwich CT, working together with Haitians to provide health care, education and hospitality services. There are 21 Hospice community organizers who work directly with CRS staff every day in the neighborhood to register families and verify land rights.

CRS has provided hundreds of tools that Hospice St. Joseph lends to community members to demolish their damaged homes and prepare their plots for shelters. More than a hundred neighborhood residents are enrolled in CRS cash-for-work programs to clear rubble from the streets and public spaces. Residents are also managing a new program to crush rubble and turn it into sand, a needed commodity for the many construction projects throughout Port-au-Prince.

Read more about Herb Combs and his team building temporary shelters in Haiti.

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