Reader Question on New Beginnings

What new beginning are you praying for?

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10 Responses to “Reader Question on New Beginnings”

  1. Matt Butler Says:

    I pray for empathy and peace in the world and a renewed attempt at understanding others.

  2. Elinor Dandrea Says:

    A world in which Christ’s character is felt by all. A world that understands what it means to be grateful to God, for all its GOOD.

  3. Fr. Benjamin Urmston Says:

    Whether the question is nuclear power, the Middle East, Darfur, Israel-Palestine, Columbia, the Congo, etc. etc. besides a deep spiritual life, I pray for Economic Democracy and a Democratic World Federation.

  4. Stephen F. Jackson Says:

    I pray for increasing support for CRS in our diocese; increasing participation in global solidarity, option for the poor and vulnerable; and a reduction in war across the global, withdraw US combat troops from countries around the world.

  5. john redmond Says:

    peace and freedom in the middle east

  6. Carol Masterson Says:

    A peaceful home life for my family, especially my son, who is finally accepting God in his life. He is fighting the evil which is drugs and has a severe depression problem. BUT with the help of God all will be well.

  7. Connie Rutter Says:

    I’m praying for a renewal of the Catholic (Christian) Religion, where people get to know God, through knowing Christ, and respond with effective love for God, manifested by respect and love for others.

  8. al vara Says:

    for my brother’s quick and healthy recovery.

  9. Patricia Says:

    I pray that people will wake up from their apathy/lethargy and develop compassion for their brothers and sisters everywhere. Then they will take action to change the terrible injustices we see all around us.

  10. Deb Spieles Says:

    I pray for peace in our community, peace in our church and peace in my family.

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