Myanmar Cannot be Forgotten Once Again

Here is a message from Myanmar’s Rangoon Archbishop Charles Bo, a Caritas Internationalis partner helping to bring vital relief to people struggling to recover after Cyclone Nargis. Catholic Relief Services is supporting the cyclone emergency response of the Caritas network, which will reach more than 50,000 people with food, household living items, shelter, medical and psychological care, and means for child protection.

We are deeply touched by the poignant show of compassion on the people of Myanmar by the world. It is two weeks since death and mayhem visited the already suffering people of Myanmar.

The world is deeply concerned about the lack of adequate access and response to the thousands of staring tumors. The UN estimates that many more thousands will die, if aid is delayed. Catholic Church is one of those in the forefront of aid delivery. Our network has reached some of the remotest villages with the first delivery of aid.

We are indebted to the solidarity shown by the universal Church, service organizations and the committed professionals. Thank you.

Many thousands look towards the Church for assistance in Myanmar. But sadly we are fast running out of resources. We are a poor Church. The violent cyclone damaged most of our Churches including our Cathedral, orphanages, clergy houses, convents and despite all this, Church has been reaching out to the woeful cries of the thousands. People are left with no means, children become orphans and under deep trauma.

Most of the pledges of support need to reach our people and children. Myanmar should not once again be forgotten by the world. You know our peoples’ pains and you sympathize with their brokenness, and I am confident that you will stand by the poor of Myanmar at this darkest hour of total shatteredness. We need very prompt, robust help to save lives.

People of Myanmar are culturally patient, quiet, soft-spoken and know how to wait and above all, believe that everything happens according to one’s fate.

For all the assistance given, our heartfelt gratitude. Thousands of homeless and staving people knock at our door. Help us to help those people. Their rehabilitation is a long journey.

With our deep appreciation,

Charles Bo
Archbishop of Yangon

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  1. catherine Says:

    we are a Catholic family with young children. How can we as a family help the people of Myanmar? We are praying for you and at my little girl’s First Holy Communion last week all the children prayed for you.

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