Reader Question for Mother’s Day

What is a mother’s most important trait?

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16 Responses to “Reader Question for Mother’s Day”

  1. Peg Bergmaier Says:

    I feel a mother’s most important trait is unconditional love for her family.

  2. Teresa Wright Says:


  3. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Love! If your mother loves you, she can make a lot of mistakes and you’ll still turn out alright.

  4. Vicki Compton Says:

    A mother’s most important trait is the selfless love she has for her children that will cause her to do anyting she can to protect them!

  5. Jen Says:


  6. Amber Says:

    Her love and commitment to her husband!

  7. Don Says:

    Guardian of the child’s soul.

  8. Betty Cosgray Says:

    The most important trait that a mother needs is unconditional love for her husband and her children and the commitment to stay with them through good times and bad times.

  9. Annamarie Says:

    Sharing the love of Christ to all she meets be it her family or strangers

  10. Robert Glover Says:

    To show unconditional love and compassion to her children. They must know that she will always be there for them

  11. aimgus Says:

    joy in all circumstances

  12. Frances Riotte Says:

    A mother must listen to: her child to learn his feelings and beliefs; her spouse for perspective; a child’s friends to tune into the environment they generate; other parents for guidance; God for enlightenment.

  13. Rodel Reyes Says:

    Irreplaceable love.

  14. Bob Luckie Says:

    I vote for “unconditional love”. No matter what you do you should be able to depend on still being loved by your mother, your father, and God. It’s a sad commentary on our society that this is no longer always the case.

  15. lck Says:

    Patience with love

  16. Claire Brenner Says:

    Love is a given, but to know when to let your children go, in order to let them grow, is imperative.

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