The Person You’re Most Thankful For

With Thanksgiving Day nearing, we have a lot be be grateful for. This season, we’d like to know what person you’re most thankful for.

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27 Responses to “The Person You’re Most Thankful For”

  1. Debbie DeVoe Says:

    My entire family, but particularly my sister Dawn DeVoe Brightbill. She is an inspiration as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and overall great person. And she brings so much love and support into my life. Thanks Dawn!

  2. rachel Says:

    Thankfull for all the ppl that are having a vegan thanksliving. Everyone showing there support for animal rights, every turkey should have a day, should see the outside, should not have to live in fear and suffer no more. Thanks living.

  3. Tom Kuna Says:

    Pope John Paul II, particularly for his encyclical: Laboram Exercens, for having baptized Marxist adulation of Labor into a sacramental participation by man with God’s creative work in redeeming the world; and Pope Benedict XVI, for his encyclica Spe Salvi, which pointed to the new heavens and the new earth of eternal life in resurrected, glorified bodies/souls of the redeemed, as the special hope Christians bring to a world too this-worldly.

  4. Nilda Says:

    I appreciate God’s blessings on my family. We have an abundance of love, health, faith, hope, and grateful heart living in God’s joy. Any conflicts that we might face are challenges that we can overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit, cooperation of our loved ones, our talents & preservance and our community.

  5. Debbie Lackowitz Says:

    My husband George, who on a day to day basis is someone who is both an inspiration and a blessing. My daughter as well. She’s 21, and while I love her deeply, her “teen years” were a challenge Still are, but she’s getting better.

  6. Gerri Duzenack Says:

    I am most thankful for our good Pope Benedict. Then I am most thankful for all of my family.

    Gerri Duzenack

  7. Barbara Chichester Says:

    The person I am most thankful for
    and wish I could be more like is
    my mother. She is what people are
    supposed to be like, not looking for the bad in people, but the good;
    Not gossiping or making people feel
    bad about themselves; extremely intelligent but never boasts about it. She should have gone to college
    but back then they didn’t have the money for it. Most of all, she is
    kind and compassionate and it has been an honor to be her daughter

  8. Tina Miranda Says:

    I am most thankful to my great aunt Sister Mary Paul Francis and the sisters at Sisters of Charity BVM for having faith in my abilities and encouraging me when no one else would! You are the best!

  9. Ronda Rae O'Bryant Says:

    I am most thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for laying down His life and taking on the sins of the world! I am also thankful for my Christian parents and family that have been steadfast in their faith and the love and support that they can be counted on to supply. I especially am grateful to my sister, Gwen, for all she does for everyone in the family! I don’t think everyone realizes how much she does for us all! I love you all and God Bless everyone during this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

  10. Jake Burckhard Says:

    I am most thankful for my dear nad loving wife of 52 years who has stood by me and raised our 10 children to be honest, hard working, upstanding, caring and who are all contributors to society.

    I alwys knew she was good loving person but only in recent years have fully realized and understood what she means to me and how much I need her.

  11. Kathy Merritt Says:

    I am very grateful to my wonderful pastor, Fr. John Adamski. This remarkable man is just the sort of priest I think Jesus would have wanted. He is a gifted homilist. I never hear him preach without wanting to move ahead in my life as a better, more Christlike person. He stands up for what is right even when it may not be the easiest choice for him. His preaching has made a huge impact on my life and the lives of many others.

  12. Annie A. Osorio Perez Says:

    I am most thankful to God because of Him, my family & friends have a roof over our heads, a warm bed to sleep in at night, food in our bellies, and jobs to go to every day. There are people in the US & abroad who wish they had a plate of food and we don’t have to worry about it. I hope we never have to worry. Thank you Diosito for keeping us healthy & happy. I also am thankful for my love, Enrique, we’ve been together for 8 years, we’re high school sweethearts & he’s my best friend. =)

  13. James R. Stewart Jr. Says:

    I am thankful for everyone that has joined me in the right-hand lane, driving 5 mph Below the speed limit. We are not getting Tickets, we are Not having Accidents, and we Are having Wonderful Gas Mileage. If Everyone did this, the deaths on the highways would go down to nearly Zero. Live Peacefully, and Prosper.

  14. Maria Says:

    I am most thankful for my spiritual director, Sister Margaret. A very spiritually gifted person herself, she has been a real treasure in my spiritual life, guiding me and helping me in my spiritual journey.

  15. Mick Tahaney Says:

    It must be obvious to all Christians that there is only one person to be thankfull for: Jesus Christ. For without Him and what He did we would all still be lost and without hope of ever entering into the presence of God.

  16. Martin Christopher Says:

    I am forever greatful for THE HOLY SPIRIT

  17. paul karanja Says:

    I am thankful to God almighty for the blessing of a wonderful wife and supportive family.I reliase I have been taking so many things for granted.Being in africa were many people live under a dollar a day.My pray is that God continues to shower us with his blessings.

  18. john kluczny Says:

    Jesus Christ. No one has ever given so much
    so that I might have life.

  19. Pat Oldham Says:

    My Maternal Grandmother was a very special woman in my life. In her mid 60’s she took me to raise. Grandmother was in poor health but never complained. She was an immigrant from Hungary and conditions in her Country were terrible due to communism. She always stated that now she was an Ameican and that she was going to learn to speak English and read and write. But God was always placed before anything else. She reminded me each and everyday how precious religion was and to never take it for granted. She endured many hardships in life but never talked about them in a negative manner but in a positive way. The rosary was her resource in difficut time and often she turned in prayer to Our Blessed Mother to interceed to her Son. She always said never deny God before man no matter what the circumstances.

  20. Judy Contrino Says:

    I am so blessed by our Eternal Father for the gift of Faith as it is wittnessed to in Barbara H. and Margaret S., my dearest friends and also my Cenacle sisters. How blessed am I, so supported with their love, prayers, compassion, wisdom, hospitality and joy. “For He lives in the lives of His people,He dwells in the hearts of all men. And we know how dearly He loves us by the gift of His Spirit dwelling within us.”
    O bless the Lord! It is right to give Him thanks and praise!

  21. Diane H. Fabian Says:

    I am deeply grateful to the rare American who works to help our homeless, hungry, ill, desperately poor. As a nation, a culture, we have utterly turned our backs on “the least of these,” but there are still a few strong, beautiful souls who work tirelessly to ease suffering in any way they can.

  22. Janet Houlihan Says:

    I am thankful for the gift the LIFE that Jesus/Father God/Holy Spirit gives us each moment. I am also thankful for my precious, loving husband to share the journey and adventure. I am thankful for our intelligent, articulate, loving priest and for the faithful inspiration he gives each week. I am thankful for President Obama and pray that God will give him wisdom, understanding, protection, and knowledge to govern in this difficult, challanging time.

  23. rebecca montoya Says:

    The person i am most thankful for is my husband of 25 yrs. He has always been a wonderful husband,father and grandfather.Our marriage has had more ups then downs according to him:). I do count my blessings everyday!!

  24. rebecca montoya Says:

    I am thankful for my husband of 25 years! He has been a wonderful husban,father and grandfather. Our life has had more ups then downs according to him! I thank the Lord that he has kept my firefighter husband safe all throough these years. I do count my blessings every day!!

  25. Cynlorene Says:

    I am most thankful for the loving relationship I have with God. I am grateful to Him for giving me a wonderful and supportive family. I am also grateful for my little goddaughter Kayleigh, who has affected my life in so many ways, and my little nephew Ethan. My sister has Kim has also been an inspiration to me and has helped me become a better person. God’s graciousness is unending,and I hope to extend that graciousness any way that I can.

  26. Melissa Burgess Says:

    God first ALWAYS, then I am most for my friend Janie, who discusses, relates and researches with me about our wonderful faith!
    She is my people 🙂

  27. George Clement Silavwe Says:

    I am grateful to God to allow me live up to date when most of my friends are dead. I wish to dedicate and appreciate my wife Grace Shanzi Silavwe and my lovely children for being there for me during this life.

    This is also a special tribute to people who are poor and suffering from various diseases especially HIV/AIDS in the World. I send my love to them. May God be with them and give them protection

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