More Rain Causes Flood Damage in Another Uganda District

flood assessment

Torrential rains caused landslides in Bududa district and floods in Butaleja district. Here a CRS team assesses flood-damaged roads. Photo by CRS staff

After mudslides buried three villages on March 1 in Uganda’s eastern Bududa district, rain continued to fall. The downpour next flooded the low-lying district of Butaleja.

CRS immediately began procuring essential relief items in Kampala. We quickly transported kits for 350 families to affected villages. Distributions started this Monday were hampered by heavy rains, but relief efforts continue as our local partners identify and register more affected families.

Reports state that across Butaleja about 120,000 people (20,000 families) have been affected by the flooding. Standing water has damaged schools, houses, and roads, making access even more difficult. The floods also submerged crop fields. CRS plans to provide seeds and tools so families can replant their fields—a critical activity to prevent future food shortages.

Each relief kit includes:

– One 12-x-15-foot tarp with eyelets
– Three treated mosquito nets
– Three blankets
– Two sleeping mats
– Two large bars of soap
– One kitchen set with pots, plates, cups and utensils
– One “kanga”—a traditional cloth that can be used as a skirt or light blanket
– Two collapsible five-gallon jerry cans for water storage
Reported by Debbie DeVoe, CRS’ regional information officer for eastern and southern Africa

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One Response to “More Rain Causes Flood Damage in Another Uganda District”

  1. matete francis Says:

    Geographically,the floods were as a result of heavy rains, poor topography and the climatic change globally.The government should sensitize the masses especially about the land use on the slopes of Elgon.Because of the increasing population,there is extensive deforestation on the slopes of elglon that enables soil erosion, mudslide,mass wasting and others to occur because the ground is left bear.

    The government should provide aid to the displaced and also reallocate the affected population.Finally the minister for disaster preparedness should over see this and have away forward.

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