Monthly Reader Question

What inspires you during Lent?

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7 Responses to “Monthly Reader Question”

  1. bill Says:

    the book ‘the Last Week’ by Marcus Borg & John Dominic Crossan. It goes thru the last five days of Jesus’ life as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

  2. Stephen F. Jackson Says:

    My work for Peace and Social Justice is encouraged this Lent by the many more people who are involved in just causes, JustFaith programs, and worldwide protests for justice for the poor and vulnerable peoples of this world.
    Steve Jackson
    Relief and Development Coordinator
    Diocese of Joliet, IL

  3. jerry Says:

    How little is our love compared to God’s
    Love and Mercy for us.

  4. Ignatius Sybrandy Says:

    Time to reflect on the turmoil in the world and knowing that peace can only come from GOD.

  5. Katie Parrish Says:

    My husband and I just participated in a world church event, “Freedom Sunday”, coordinated by “Not for Sale”, a campaign to end human trafficking. It was very inspiring and so appropriate for our Lenten commitment. . .To fast as God wishes us to fast. (Isaiah 58)

  6. gary wells Says:

    The biggest inspiration during LENT is to see all the people who attend daily Mass. Since we are told there is nothing more perfect than the Mass I feel God must be pretty happy but very busy figuring out the best way to answer all those prayers and requests He must be getting at these Masses……My church is packed twice a day.

  7. Vicki Says:

    There are so many people and groups and countries and incidents(natural disasters) and thats not even including our families and friends we need to PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY as many times as we possibly can during the day and night.

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