Monthly Reader Question with Christmas in Mind

What is your most cherished gift?

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14 Responses to “Monthly Reader Question with Christmas in Mind”

  1. Clare Says:

    My mom gave me a token that says God Loves You when I was in the hospital on Christmas suffering with mental illness.
    My brother made me a collage that I framed and hung in my hallway and I absolutely love it. My friend Jenny collected a bunch of the notes we had written to each other over the years and put it into a scrapbook. It was so neat to look back on all of them since we’ve been friends since we were kids.
    My dad gave me a charm of St. Christopher the patron saint of travel when I went to Europe with my friends.
    My husband MADE me a bunch of flowers out of metal for our six year anniversary. Gorgeous!

  2. Sherry W, Says:

    My daughter, Ella Rose, is the most cherished gift that God has bestowed upon me.

  3. Margaret Knoff Says:

    My most cherished gift while keeping Christmas in mind is not what I have received in material gifts. I cherish the gift of life that I have been given in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. The life of Christ makes the world a simpler place to live. Challenges and joys falls into place when we realize what God gave us in his Son – eternal life with Him.

  4. Janel Says:

    When my brother drove all over 3+ cities looking for a pair of slippers for me in my favorite color.

  5. Jo Says:

    My most cherished gift is the wonderful upbringing my mother and father gave me and the life they created for me and my 8 siblings. My mother passed away in November 2009 and I have struggled daily. However, with everything she taught me I use her example daily in the life I have with my husband and daughter. I love my mother and I miss her daily. But my most cherished gift is the gift of her love she gave to all 9 of her children.

  6. Anne Brusca Says:

    My most cherished gift is a poem that my daughter wrote about my hands when she was in college over 25 years ago.

    Pearl white basins
    hold smaller duplicates
    warm chilled skin
    wipe falling tears
    scatter collected fears.

    gateway to hugs
    welcome me home.

  7. Kevin Cushing Says:

    My favorite Christmas gift is the Gift of Jesus Christ, not material things so promoted by stores and large corporations. It’s not just a civil holiday, but a praise God, repent, and do good to others out of that love.

  8. Kevin Cushing Says:

    My favorite Christmas gift is the realization that Christmas means the Gift of Jesus Christ to the world, not the call to go shopping for unnecessary and expensive items- which is so promoted by stores, large corportions, and godless economists. Christmas is not just a civil holiday, but a call to praise God, repent, and do good to others.

  9. C. Quinlan Says:

    The gift of faith is my greatest treasure.
    Faith makes life worth living,gives value to every thing else and brings joy to all.

  10. Mary E. Hamilton Says:

    Like C. Quinlan above Who I am and how I live my life all flows from my Faith, the greatest gift God has ever given me!

  11. Rose Chacon Says:

    My favorite gift is a Miraculous Medal that my mother bought me. It was the last gift she gave me before she forgot I was her daughter. She suffered for 9 years in the slow decline of Alzheimers. Now the Blessed Mother comforts me as my mother passed away 6 years ago.

  12. D. Morrison Says:

    My oldest daughter who will be 51 this year was born on December 24. She has been a gift beyond measure as have her sisters. Now I celebrate Christmas with three daughters, their husbands, 14 grandchildren and two spouses and a great-granddaughter along with my fantastic husband and my ex-husband and his wife. God has blessed me with this love throughout each year.

  13. Jen Says:

    I found out I was pregnant on Christmas morning two years ago. My daughter has been a blessing to me every day since.

  14. Edward Killin Says:

    My most precious gift is Salvation, provided by the Lord Jesus Christ by his death on the Cross.

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