What Are We Missing?

Thanks for the questions you submitted last month (if you missed, feel free to ask anytime). We’ve sent them out and await answers from our colleagues overseas.
This month, we’re looking for answers.
We’d like to know what you’d like to see on our blog. Whether it’s more of what we already offer, or something we don’t have that you think we should include.

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5 Responses to “What Are We Missing?”


    LAST YEAR WE HAD A PRIEST FROM CRS GIVE A TALK AT OUR MASSES AND AFTERWORDS HE GIFTED US WITH RIST BANDS THAT SAY [ ONE HUMAN FAMILY ] we don’t recall reading about this in your news letters so did we miss it?
    Oh,we have been wearing them every since.

  2. Stephen Misango Says:

    Child Poverty.

    The world’s most poor are vulnerable children below 18years in Africa. what livelihood strategies can civil society organisations use to address child poverty?.How do we ensure that its the most vulnerable who benefits?. How do we strenghen community copying mechanisms to over come vulnerability?

  3. Kathleen Kaiser, csj Says:

    I know that CRS touches many people with different cultures and languages, but I was wondering if you could have at least some of your website information in spanish, because many of the people who are helped by CRS are spanish speaking and many who contribute to CRS are spanish speaking….

    (Kathleen, point well taken. We do have a Spanish language site: http://crsespanol.org/. But our link to it – in the very upper right-hand corner of our page – isn’t obvious. We’ll look into making that easier to see. Thank you -jl)

  4. Cynthia Says:

    Given the many challenges that CRS and other relief organizations are facing with various crises around the world, is there anything you are in need of in terms of technology or innovations that may better assist these efforts? I know money is the best contribution and can be universally applied to meet relief efforts. However, there are groups of people that are actively involved with “green” projects that may better assist with certain technologies for water production and agriculture. Do you agree, and can you provide information on specific technological needs?

  5. Sylvestre Says:

    CRS is doing a great work by helping and giving hope to vulnerable people(orphans, widows,displaced people, desperate patients…).All these people suffer because of humana beeing action.
    CRS could do even better job by attacking the causes of the situation we are living in.

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