Millions Homeless as Floods Wash Over Southern India

From Patrick Nicholson, Caritas communications officer:

Over 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes due to heavy rains and flooding in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in South India.

Caritas India fears the worse is still to come with more rains forecast, threatening to burst river banks and dams and inundate vast areas.

Over 50 villages have been completely submerged or marooned in Andhra Pradesh, the Krishna River is inundated, the famous temple town of Mantralayam has been under 10 feet of water for more than a day. Kurnool town remains totally inaccessible, making it tough for rescue operations.

Caritas India South Zonal Manager Mr. Ambrose Christy said, “We have never experienced anything like this before. It is the worst flooding in 100 years. The situation could become even more severe as the rains get worst. If the Krishna River bursts its banks, millions more will be forced from their homes and a huge area of land will be underwater.

Read the full story here.

CRS staff is in the process of determining the full effect of the flooding, the extent of property damage and the scale of human need.

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