Middle East: Pope Benedict’s Call and Prayer for Peace

Excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks today at the “Regina Pacis” Center in the Jordanian capital city of Amman. The center, founded by Bishop Salim Sayegh, Latin patriarchal vicar of Jordan, is dedicated to the social rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

“Unlike the pilgrims of old, I do not come bearing gifts or offerings. I come simply with an intention, a hope: to pray for the precious gift of unity and peace, most specifically for the Middle East. Peace for individuals, … for communities, peace for Jerusalem, for the Holy Land, for the region, peace for the entire human family; the lasting peace born of justice, integrity and compassion, the peace that arises from humility, forgiveness and the profound desire to live in harmony as one.

“Prayer is hope in action”, the Holy Father added, for through it “we come into loving contact with the one God, the universal Creator, and in so doing we come to realise the futility of human divisions and prejudices and we sense the wondrous possibilities that open up before us when our hearts are converted to God’s truth, to His design for each of us and our world”.

Text courtesy of Vatican Information Service

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