Microfinanced Kids Turn Profit for Rice Bowls

Check out this story about “Catholic Kids Catechism Club at St. John Mary Vianney Parish in Kirkland, where each grade-specific “clubhouse” of about 12 kids was given a loan of $20 to start a business to raise money for Rice Bowl….”

The story’s reported by the Seattle Archdiocese: “’The kids decide how they want to spend their money and what type of business they would like to start,’ said Laura Stanger, pastoral assistant for children and family ministries at the parish.”

It works. According to the story: “The kids are often surprised at their own success, Stanger said. ‘Their jaws drop when they count the money after they’ve done their sale,’ she said.”

“The Catechism Club also incorporates teaching about what CRS does and whom they serve, but Stanger thinks the microloan business project is an education in itself. ‘I really hope that they learn that what Catholic Relief Services does by helping others by giving them a loan, that they know it really works, and that they can help other people by starting their small business,’ she said.”

See the full story here.

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