Microfinance: Zambia Savings Program Approved

From CRS fellow David Vosburg in Zambia:

Last week I took the bus seven hours to Mongu in Western Province of Zambia. I would be catching a ride back with co-workers coming up through Sesheke & Shangombo. Our goal was to gain approval for the SILC project from the Director of Caritas of the Diocese of Mongu, CRS’s preferred partner of implementation in Western Province. The director also happens to be local royalty, meaning his thoughts carry more weight than the average Joe. If we did not receive approval, the project would not be going forward, no matter how beneficial it could be or how well it fit into our other programming.

We wanted to create SILC groups in conjunction with the nutritional groups and agricultural cooperatives that are already in place in five communities one-to-two hours outside of Mongu town. Not only would this have the normal benefits of SILC of increased savings, financial literacy and access to capital, but it would also bring cohesion to these existing groups, strengthening them: true program synergy.

Check out David’s complete blog post and accompanying videos here.

David Vosburg is currently a International Development Fellow at Catholic Relief Services based in Lusaka, Zambia. He is focused on growing CRS’s micro-savings program and providing support for costing analysis and compliance audits.

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