Microfinance: The Little Things

Bernice Yalley is a CRS fellow working in Liberia on savings-led microfinance projects. Her posts will appear Mondays on the CRS blog Voices.

Life is in the details, or so I’ve been told.

It’s the little things that make an impact. That last cookie that tips the scale. That one smile that brightens a day. That extra 25 cents saved a day that makes a difference in a bank account. The little things.

So, in doing this community led microfinance project, I am operating on the faith that the small things will make a difference. That a small number of staff will be able to churn through over 30 villages spreading their message to over 700 people that saving a meager $1.50 a month will result in big things. Like eventually having the ability to give loans for larger investments. Like having money as a buffer in the case of an emergency. In Liberia though, a country still reeling from the aftershocks of 14 years of civil war, a little thing like a savings and lending club, can mean learning to communicate and trust each other. The little things.

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One Response to “Microfinance: The Little Things”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I just learned about CRS’ microfinance projects in a book I read (Solidarity will transform the World) for a JustFaith class. The class can get depressing without signs of hope and that’s what these microfinance projects offer. I was amazed at what a big difference they can make in the lives of the poor … all those little things add up to such a big thing.

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