Miami Priest Reports from Haitian Immigrant Parish

Father Jean Jadotte, associate pastor of Notre Dame D’Haiti parish in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, spoke to CRS associate web producer Kai Hill today.

Parish Situation:
-The parish is holding a memorial service at 7 p.m. Wednesday.
-Father Jadotte said he lost one family member in the quake.
-The parish is in mourning, as many parishioners at the predominantly Haitian church have lost family members, Father Jadotte said. Many were in tears at Mass Wednesday morning. “When they heard the news they were heartbroken. There was crying all over. Our wounds are so fresh from 2008. Just when we thought things were getting better, this happens. There is a lot of panic, pain and suffering. Not being able to get in touch with loved ones makes it worse.”

Father Jadotte’s prayer intentions:
-We are praying for hope despite this situation, that even as we face darkness, people may see a pinpoint of light.
-Praying for families.
-Pray for a greater conscience among everyone not just in Haiti but all over that we must do something [to help].
-Pray for a spirit of thanksgiving for international agencies for their good heart and good faith.
-Pray for relief workers to have a spirit of patience and perseverance.
-For those who at this time are in search of meaning in their lives and peace.

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