Message from Haiti: ‘It is a Disaster of the Century’

CRS received this communication from CRS/Haiti staff this morning. CRS has launched a major aid operation to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The CRS team in Haiti is in place to distribute emergency relief.

We are all accounted for except for two staff. They are probably fine, but out of phone reach close to Gonaives. We have a terrible problem with communications – only incoming calls. We tried to organize this morning and contact UN, OFDA and Caritas. We might be running out of supplies ourselves – water and food. Holly should load a car with supplies. No organized rescue efforts yet– all done by individuals with bare hands. Damage incredible all around, but our offices seem fine. Some major buildings are gone – the hotel Montana, the National Palace etc. All AA flights canceled until this weekend. UN has only 4 helicopters, two were seen early this morning doing surveys, otherwise no movement of any rescue vehicles / people. Most in a shock. …On radio stations only wild music. People have been screaming and praying all over the place throughout the night. It is a disaster of the century, we should be prepared for thousands and thousdands of dead and injured.

Best Rregards,

Karel Zelenka (CRS’ Haiti country representative)

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11 Responses to “Message from Haiti: ‘It is a Disaster of the Century’”

  1. Fr. Ligori Bernard Says:

    Deeply saddened by this tragedy!
    Be sure of our strong support of our Prayers.
    We are with you in mind, heart and Prayers.
    We gathered all our staff from Haiti for a Prayer Meet.
    May the most powerful presence of God be with you and all the people who suffer …

    Fr. Bernie

  2. ANNIE Says:


  3. ANNIE Says:

    I mean kednel francois. he works at the crs office in port-au-prince.I need to know if he alive because i can’t reach him.

  4. Jamie Derzypolski Says:

    I am trying to find out if F. Jean Desinord is ok. He is the priest in charge of Radio Soleil in Port Au Prince.

  5. Christopher Promis Says:

    The Spiritans (CSSp)are concerned about their members at the College St. Martial in Port au Prince. It is between the cathedral and the palace and we heard the buildings at the College were damaged. We have not hear about survivors. The contact info is: Rev.Paulin Innocent, CSSp – Local Superior
    Petit Seminaire College St. Martial
    16 rue Lamarre
    (509) 38-56-0265 (cell phone)

  6. Christopher Promis Says:

    The Missiobary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary have a house located at Rue Cherie and Rue Babiole. They want to locate their members whose names are: Srs. Chantal, Stella, Mary, Sudsy and Sr. Marthe. Hope you’ll have some news for us. Thanks! Sr. Tellie, icm.

  7. Stan and Mir A Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered this earthly trajedy. Is there anything we can do other than donate financially? Can we get out there to help? Can anyone tell us please?
    We will continue to pray that all countries and all religions, christians, muslims, hinuds, buddhists, will all extend their hands and hearts to support our felow human beings.


  8. Fahad Khan Says:

    We are deeply saddened when the news came up about Haiti horrible earthquake. We extend our prayers and support to all those families who suffered from this disaster.
    It good to hear that our CRS collegues are fine, especially Noah.

  9. B. Corveleyn Says:

    I am trying to find out if Sr.Marthe Vanrompay is ok

  10. Dorothy Neubauer Says:

    I am trying to find Sr. Marthe Vanrompay. She is in my prayers, as are the people of Haiti.

  11. Mike McLeod Says:

    The St. Jude Hunger Program in Boca Raton, Florida is trying to locate Sr. Marthe Vanrompay.
    Would someone please contact me if you have any information. 561-504-8445

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