Malaria Report: Overview of CRS Over Global Fund Regions

To date, CRS has been awarded over $130 million through 41 grants in 26 countries across seven of the eight Global Fund regions, including both Principal Recipient (PR) and Sub Recipient (SR) grants. According to the disease area, 23 of these grants were for HIV, 14 were for malaria, 3 were for TB, and one was for HSS. CRS is currently managing 17 grants, including six as Principal Recipient, in 14 countries with a total program value of approximately $88 million.

The main objectives of CRS’ current Principal Recipient grants in malaria are:

  • Benin: community-level distribution of malaria medications
  • The Gambia: distribution of mosquito nets and malaria BCC
  • Guinea: distribution of mosquito nets (currently in the process of adding additional components)
  • Niger: case management of malaria and prevention through distribution of mosquito nets and BCC
  • Sierra Leone: IEC/BCC and national-level malaria surveys (currently preparing for Phase II)

The full report is here.

In Fiscal Year 2013, CRS managed malaria projects in seven countries across Sahel and Coastal West Africa.

Table 1: Overview of CRS’ FY13 malaria programs in West Africa


Time frame

Total Budget (USD) *


Overview of activities

Benin 2008 – 2013 $16,533,624 Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and malaria (GF) Community-level distribution of malaria medicines & behavior change communication (BCC)
2012 – 2016 $2,943,436 CSHGP, USAID Operations research on introducing diagnostic tests a community level
Ghana 2013 $260,532 USAID via NetWorks Demand, use, and promotion of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)
Guinea 2012 – 2016 $46,000,000 GF Universal distribution of LLINs, BCC and mass media
Niger 2008 – 2013 $38,500,000 GF Universal distribution of LLINs, BCC and mass media
Senegal 2011 – 2016 $2,705,593 USAID via Child Fund Integrated community case management of malaria
Sierra Leone 2011 – 2016 $11,000,000 GF Nationwide malaria surveys, BCC mass media, strengthening logistics information systems
The Gambia 2010 – 2015 $8,140,528 GF Universal distribution of LLINs, BCC and mass media

*Amounts are subject to change depending on performance

CRS managed GF grants listed above as a Principal Recipient (PR) in Benin, Niger, and as a co-PR with the Ministry of Health in Guinea, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. In all grants, CRS works in close collaboration with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) to achieve a nationwide impact.

Key achievements

Looking ahead

In Fiscal Year 2014, CRS will continue to support national malaria control strategies and policies. In Benin, Guinea, and Niger in addition to prevention activities, CRS will manage diagnostic and treatment activities funded by the GF on behalf of the NMCPs. CRS is also in discussion with the private sector and public-private partnerships to support selected NMCPs in West Africa with additional vector control activities.

Further Information:


The Gambia


Sierra Leone



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