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Make Peace for our Sudanese Brothers and Sisters a Priority

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads to China for high level meetings this week and the Administration has signaled that the increasing violence between Sudan and South Sudan may be on the agenda. Thanks in part to your advocacy, President Obama recently urged the people of Sudan and South Sudan “to walk the path of peace” in a video message. He assured them that if they choose peace they “will have a strong and steady partner in the United States of America.”

This is just another example of how your voice matters and makes a difference. Pope Benedict XVI said in his Easter message: “May the risen Jesus comfort the suffering populations of the Horn of Africa and favor their reconciliation; may he help […] Sudan and South Sudan, and grant their inhabitants the power of forgiveness.” Your prayers for peace are needed now. Use this prayer resource for individual reflection or group setting.

Your voice for peace in solidarity with our Sudanese brothers and sisters is needed now more than ever. The promise of lasting peace and stability after South Sudan peacefully seceded from Sudan last year hangs in the balance. Read more about the situation in Sudan and South Sudan.

Stand with the Sudanese people and for peace. Sign this letter to Secretary Hillary Clinton, urging her to do what she can to promote peace, stability and a hopeful future for our Sudanese brothers and sisters.

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