‘Living gratefully, spending less, buying justly, giving more’

Looking for a way to calm your financial fears? Check out this Christian Science Monitor story on a curriculum called “Lazarus at the Gate.”

The program suggests that some of our money woes may well originate from our perspectives, not only on finances, but how we live our lives and interact in our economy.

“Right now there are a lot of opportunities to feel fear when thinking about money. But if you start from a place of gratitude and abundance, it radically changes your perspective,” says Rachel Anderson, director of Boston Faith & Justice Network (BFJN), which coordinates the small-group program. “How we choose to spend our money – there are many justice issues there and room for change to steward Earth’s resources better and alleviate poverty.”

Hat tip to CRS communications coordinator Jennifer Hardy for pointing out the story.


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2 Responses to “‘Living gratefully, spending less, buying justly, giving more’”

  1. Erin Canavan Says:

    Thanks for sending me this link, Jen! It was an inspiring read, and something I needed to hear right now!

  2. Jordana Diehl Says:

    This article helped remind me to distinguish between the things that I want (a larger home, new sofa, clothes etc.) and the things that I need. Further it makes me think of the many needs that exist in my community and how I can, by fostering contentment with my own life and an open heart toward others can help those who have been experiencing greater losses due the economic downturn than have I.

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