Live Chat with a Bishop from Southern Sudan

Please click the play button in the box below to read the transcript of our recent live, 1-hour chat with Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of southern Sudan. Bishop Kussala chatted with Catholics from around the United States about the current situation in Sudan, the upcoming independence for South Sudan and the great work Catholics in the United States have done on behalf of our brothers and sisters in his homeland.

The first miracle in Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala’s life happened when he was just a few months old. During a military raid on his village in southern Sudan, soldiers entered his family’s house and killed his mother and sister. They left baby Eduardo unharmed and didn’t burn down the house.

Now, 47 years later, he is the Bishop of the Diocese of Tombura-Yambi, and he continues to devote his life to bringing peace to Sudan.

You can help make that possible.

“My message to the Catholic population is their brothers and sisters in southern Sudan have been under oppression and have been suffering, and they need to be free” Bishop Kussala said. “We need the prayers of the Catholic population, the Christian population. And we need their support, materially, spiritually and morally. And we need them to walk along side us.”

After a 22-year civil war that killed more than 2 million people, against all odds, the people of southern Sudan held a peaceful referendum to declare their independence.

On July 9, The Republic of South Sudan will become Africa’s newest nation.

“The birth of a new country I think has to be a gift to everybody,” Bishop Kussala said. “And everybody should be happy about it.”

Stay with Sudan. Build a future.

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14 Responses to “Live Chat with a Bishop from Southern Sudan”

  1. John Says:

    Would love to attend to hear the Bishop speak but I have to work. I do however, encourage all US Catholics to hear what it is like to be oppressed for relious beliefs….

  2. Patrick Carney Says:


    Thanks for your interest in our upcoming live chat. Please come back to the blog when you’re free after the chat. If you stop by any time on Monday or Tuesday, you’ll be able to submit a question, and you can view a replay of the chat when you’re free after Wednesday at 1 ET. Thanks!

  3. Live chat with bishop from southern Sudan | Caritas Internationalis Says:

    […] Find out how to join in with the converstaion on the CRS blog. […]

  4. Bul Garang Bul Says:

    I will be more than happy to hear from our lovely bishop!

  5. Pamela Says:

    I am eager to learn the bishop’s vision for Catholics in Southern Sudan.

  6. Thomas Says:

    Greetings and congratulations on the forming of a new democratic republic. How are Catholic relations with other Christian denominations and non-Christian religious groups? How is freedom of religion addressed in the constitution of the new republic? Do Christians feel safe in South Sudan?

  7. Tracy Schaal Says:

    Looking forward to the livechat tomorrow! Thank you for arranging this! God bless!

  8. Jane Says:

    Bishop, My husband and I just finished watching the movie “Attack on Darfur” and are shaken and appalled. At one point I turned to him and said, “If this was happening in Switzerland we would be doing something to stop it.” I’m so sorry for our lack of support and humanitarian response to these atrocities. We will pray and I know that is the greatest support. We will contribute money to CRS. What else can we do?

  9. Terri Dirik Says:

    Will there be an election for President and if so how soon will the election be held?

  10. Abigail Says:

    Thanks for hosting this chat! I’m glad there’s a replay so I can share this!

  11. James Says:

    Great chat,

  12. efiri selemobri Says:

    I rejoice with all the people of Southern Sudan and the rest of the world! Peace be to Sudan! Peace to every child of God!!!

  13. Imoli ANYULA Says:

    I am a Kenya professional who would like to volunteer services through Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of southern Sudan; to enhance rapid development soon after 9th July,2011.

  14. Sister Gertrude Says:

    I am a franciscan nun of the Handmaids of Mary. the Congregation has a ministry of Youth evangelization.We would like our Youths to communicate with the Youths in the New Republic of southern sudan as e-mail palls. This is a ministry fulfilling the principles of Solidarity as part of the Holy Father’s directive in Caritas in Veritate and the USCCB Social justice (CST)principles

    I am requesting the mailing address, e-mail or telephone # of Bishop Eduado Hiiboro Kussala

    congratulations CRS

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