Lenten Tradition Combines Recipes and Hunger Awareness

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For many families, Lent is a special time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. And for many families, it can also mean the challenge of coming up with meatless dishes five weeks in a row.

Operation Rice Bowl (ORB), Catholic Relief Services’ annual Lenten initiative, combines simple recipes from developing countries with an opportunity to learn about hunger and poverty. Each week, participants make the personal sacrifice of preparing a simple meal, putting the money they save into symbolic rice bowls. That money goes to support CRS’ mission to fight global hunger.

“Every year, Operation Rice Bowl offers five new recipes using food staples like rice, beans and vegetables,” says Beth Martin, ORB program manager. “The program also includes an educational component, sharing stories of people from developing countries that benefit from the funds raised.”

Preparing these dishes together allows families to observe Lent and experience a simple meal while learning about places where people live on less than $2 a day  and where meat is often considered a luxury.

This year’s featured dishes  from Egypt, the Philippines, Honduras, Ghana and Tanzania  are eaten as one-dish meals and take very little time to prepare:

• Babaganoush (Egypt), a traditional, Eastern Mediterranean appetizer made with mashed eggplant, garlic and tahini.
• Hinurnong Isda (Philippines), a baked white fish topped with sautéed vegetables.
• Flat cakes (Tanzania), a type of potato pancake using carrots, cinnamon and curry to add a distinguished flavor.
• Plantain Turnovers (Honduras), a soft empanada filled with fried beans and cinnamon.
• Groundnut Stew (Ghana), often called peanut butter soup by Ghanaians, is a rich West African dish combining different vegetables and served over rice. (Groundnuts are often replaced with peanuts or peanut butter).

For a complete list of recipes, visit http://orb.crs.org/features/recipes/index.cfm

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2 Responses to “Lenten Tradition Combines Recipes and Hunger Awareness”

  1. ann ros Says:

    Could you provide the link for the recipes. I cannot locate a simple list of recipes.

  2. Edward Hoyt Says:

    Here, you go, ann ros: http://www.crsricebowl.org/recipe-archive/

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