Your Favorite Lenten Tradition

What is your favorite Lenten tradition?

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13 Responses to “Your Favorite Lenten Tradition”

  1. M Whitney Says:

    My favorite Lenten Tradition is whole family Catechesis. Also the entire psychology in preparation for Easter.

  2. John Says:

    My favorite tradition would have to be prayer. I try to bring a real awareness to my prayer practice and take it beyond the recitation of words. I do my best to listen to what God and His only son are trying to tell me, being ever mindful that any doubts and fears – any anger I may have at this time of year – are very much present in the life of Christ as well. I do my best to surrender to God’s plan for me, gently reminding myself that willingness, not perfection, is the quality of a good Catholic this time of year.

  3. Meatless Says:

    My favourite tradition is abstaining from meat thfoughout the Great Lent. I also like to try the many meatless recipes that are in Operation Ricebowl each year. It is a way of joining other, less fortunate cultures, in spiritual Communion. It is a meaningful fast to eat on a level that the people portrayed do. Besides these meatless recipes, I have also enclosed other meatless recipes from throughout the world at:

  4. Anita Shahan Says:

    My favorite Lenten tradition is enjoying the food prepared, and sharing recipes with my friends.

  5. marilyn eaton Says:

    My small sacrifice reminds me daily of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for all humanity. We are so blessed!

  6. Franklin Lee Says:

    I make it a priority to read the New Testament during each Lent and meditating on it. I also share specific passages on social networking and with friends and relatives.

  7. Annette Faltot Says:

    My favorite Lenten tradition is sacrificing financially to help the poor through various charities and organizations.

  8. Betsy Johnson Says:

    From Holy Thursday through Good Friday at noon, the Church was open for those who wished to visit and spend time in prayer – “Will thou not spend one hour with me?” was the backdrop for the invitation to accompany our Lord during his Passion.

    Another memory associated with Holy Week was the practice applied at our grade school in that each of the 1-8 grades would be assigned an hour to be in Church on Holy Thursday and into Good Friday – it was mandatory for the entire class to be present during that hour in silent prayer and prayers led by the nuns.

  9. Maryanne Says:

    I attend a retreat either at my home parish or elsewhere as a mean to keep my faith alive. I include going to the stations of the cross and this year will aim to go to Our Lady of the Island, Long island, to walk the outdoor stations.

  10. Liz Guthier Says:

    I think my favorite tradition is going to Church. My most meaningful Lent and Easter was in 2004, when I felt the transformation from childhood to adulthood. It was during that Lent that I first began to understand what exactly it meant to have Christ die on the cross for my sins. Suddenly, Palm Sunday and during Holy Week had a different meaning to me. Instead of just another Mass to go to, I willingly went and used that time to show my gratitude for such a sacrifice.

  11. Liz K Says:

    My favorite Lenten tradition is weekly evenings Stations of the Cross. And challenging myself to find more ways to give alms.

  12. Bob Haessly Says:

    Friday Stations of the Cross followed by fish fry in the parish center

  13. Erin Yarrobino Says:

    My favorite Lenten traditions are abstaining from meat on Friday, and gong to church service on the Triduum.

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