Indonesian Quake Survivors Pick Up the Pieces—Literally

When Ipon’s house collapsed into rubble one week ago in Sumatra, Indonesia, the 40-year-old farmer and father of three didn’t wait around to see what would happen next. Rains were coming and his family had to have shelter. Ipon started picking through the pieces of his quake-shattered home, salvaging sheet metal and sawing up a family cupboard for wood. In less than a week, he built a rudimentary shelter that kept the worst of the rain off.

Regional Information Officer Laura Sheahen captured some brief video of Ipon and what he’s accomplished so far.

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When natural disasters happen, CRS helps people to help themselves. Supporting the initiative of farmers like Ipon, CRS distributed hundreds of tarps early this week. Most are being used for roofs on top of walls made of salvaged metal or plywood. In the coming weeks, CRS will provide more tools, as well as materials and expertise, to impoverished village families who saw their homes destroyed. Working together, the villagers and CRS will build transitional shelters that will keep families safe until more permanent homes can be built.

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