In Southern Haiti: Women Entrepreneurs Fight Hunger

Through the USAID-funded Multi-year Assistance Program, CRS takes a comprehensive approach to reducing hunger in Haiti through education, health and agriculture projects. As part of this programming, CRS supports integrated agricultural development and food security projects targeting smallholder farmers. Through agriculture programs, farmers become better business people by learning the value of each step in the supply chain, from farm to market, and building linkages in the supply chain to support the production and marketing of their products.

Cassava is a high energy carbohydrate, making it an important food security crop in Haiti. Particularly when bad weather and poor harvests cause shortages of basic grains, cassava plays an important role in the Haitian diet. CRS provides farmers training on good farming practices through the use of demonstration plots and access to higher yielding varieties of cassava to improve production. With farmers achieving higher yields, CRS has trained a local women’s group to develop a business selling cassava bread as a way to generate additional income for their families.

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