CRS Delivers Aid to Thousands in Gaza

CRS Regional Information Officer Laura Sheahan sends this report on aid to Gaza.

On February 5, CRS began distributing parcels of canned food, blankets, hygiene items and more to thousands of needy people in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

“Despite extremely challenging circumstances, we were able to transport food and non-food items for 5,000 people into Gaza over the past week,” says Matt Davis, country representative for Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza. “Supplies for an additional 2,500 beneficiaries are currently en route from our warehouse in Bethlehem.”

The distributions took place in Rafah, the Middle Area, and North Gaza. Throughout the territory, many homes have been destroyed, and access to essential goods is limited. “Our partners and volunteers have done great work in very short time and under huge pressure,” says Omar Shaban, Field Manager for CRS in Gaza. “People are so happy with the content of the parcels.”

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