Improving Apple Crops

Pedro Torres, a member of the Democratic Farmers Front, picks an apple at Loma Larga, a cooperative apple farm in Chihuahua, Mexico. Chihuahua has always been the apple producing state of Mexico. But as cheaper imported apples began to flood the Mexican market, small apple growers in Chihuahua were forced out of business.

Funding from the Sisters of Charity, CRS/Mexico and the Democratic Farmers Front helped address the crisis by teaching farmers about pruning and thinning techniques that can produce higher quality apples. The project also started a revolving fund for the apple growers to recoup costs and not have to sell their apples to middlemen. In turn this has led to less pressure to migrate for work, increased operating cash flow and sustainability for more apple farmers in the future. Help small-scale farmers earn a fair profit. Hilda M. Perez for CRS 

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