Immigration and Farms: Chance to Visit & Celebrate

Over the next few weeks Congress will continue to tackle two very important issues, immigration reform and the farm bill. The decisions legislators will make during this month as much of the legislation moves through the committee review process will have a great impact on the final versions of the legislation later this summer. Our work on these issues are more of a marathon than a sprint, and at each stage your voice is needed!

One easy way to amplify your voice is to schedule a meeting at your senators’ and representative’s local office while they’re on recess for the Memorial Day holiday during the week of May 27-31, 2013. While you may not be able to get a visit with your senator or representative, you should be able to meet with the district director who can relay your message to your legislator. Research from the Congressional Management Foundation  has shown that constituent visits carry a great deal of weight when legislators are making decisions about how to vote on legislation. For some basic guidelines on how to set up a visit, please refer back to this website. You can also call your regional CRS office for assistance.

Please also join us to celebrate World Fair Trade Day throughout the month of May. CRS is a sponsor of World Fair Trade Day and this year’s theme is particularly close to our heart “Advocate, Organize, and Enjoy”. Our faith calls us to live out our Gospel values on a daily basis.  The Catholic social teaching principles of respecting the dignity of work and caring for the poor are key ways in which we can do this.  Through fair trade and advocacy, you can use our economic power and your voice to contribute to the common good and live out these values. Be sure to enjoy this special day with some coffee, chocolate, or hand-crafts.


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