IHV Doctor Returns Home to Haiti

From the University of Maryland, Baltimore News:

Haiti doc

Dr. Guesly Delva (center), from the Institute for Human Virology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, is working with Catholic Relief Services at St. Francois de Sales, one of Haiti’s oldest hospitals. Dr. Delva, is a native of Haiti. Photo by Lane Hartill/CRS

Guesly Delva, MD, an infectious-disease fellow with IHV, has returned to his native Haiti to treat the injured. He is working with the institute’s affiliate, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), at St. Francois de Sales, one of Haiti’s oldest hospitals.

Since 2004, CRS and IHV have partnered together on a $120 million AIDSRelief project funded through 2013 by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. IHV clinical staff provide technical expertise in training local physicians, such as Delva, and nurses in HIV/AIDS care and treatment. IHV’s Haitian colleagues are confirmed safe and have been working with CRS to stabilize and save lives since the devastating earthquake.

On Friday CRS staff and IHV colleagues reached St. Francois, choosing it because of an existing relationship in serving AIDSRelief patients. The hospital was nearly 70 percent destroyed and almost completely out of supplies. Doctors and others dug through rubble with hammer and handsaw to try to find medical supplies.

Doctors were able to drag a refrigerator out of the rubble and are trying to start a blood bank, with blood from the United Nations. CRS managed to get packaged meals for the doctors, and food, water and fuel for the hospital. It recruited volunteers and procured an ambulance.

Most importantly, it delivered medical and other supplies from various sources in the Dominican Republic. The result: three operating rooms are up and running. The first operation was Sunday. There were eight on Monday. These are conducted by three medical teams, one Haitian, one Belgian, and one Italian.

Delva arrived at the hospital on Wednesday and plunged in. “He came in, and he is helping and treating people right now. The guy is amazing,” says Lane Hartill of the CRS staff.

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    i m general practitioner,i m living in philippines,how can i go to haiti for help to people

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