Hurricane Sandy

As the Eastern Seaboard of the United States recovers form Hurricane Sandy, Catholic Relief Services and our partners in the Caribbean began helping people deal with the destruction it left in its wake.

CRS is responding to needs in the Caribbean with relief supplies while staff assesses damage and recommends the most effective way forward. You are invited to go here to help with aid to the Caribbean.

While Catholic Relief Services is carrying out its international mission by working with the local Church to respond to Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean, Catholic Charities is responding to those affected by the hurricane in the United States.

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8 Responses to “Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Fr. Tong Ong Says:

    How can we help?
    Here is my email:

  2. Judith C Contrino Says:

    So many negative words, lies and unkind actions have been part of this years electorial campaign. Many people have let it become part of their thoughts and actions. Sometimes I think the Lord permits terrible disasters like “Sandy” to occur because our God knows that it will bring out the best in us once again and set us on track. So once again, let us pray for one another and offer our prayers,compassion and assistance to those who suffer, placing our trust in our ever-loving God and Lord. “So let your light shine before others that they may see the good that you do and glorify your Father in heaven…Jesus I trust in You.

  3. Dalton Leger Says:

    I want to donate to victims of Hurricane Sandy on the Eastern U.S. Seaboard. Will my donation reach them? Charity does begin at home.

  4. John Lindner Says:

    In the U.S., our sister organization, Catholic Charities, responds to needs here at home. If you wish to assist in that mission, please visit them here.

  5. Bissell Smith Says:

    Thanks for posting the Catholic Charities USA. I provide regularly to CRS.org and I did want to direct some money to the East US coast. I think the people outside the US need more support – given the less support structures, but directing some money here helps too. Thank you !

  6. Chris Says:

    Is there a way that CRS can help coordinate host families for the 40,000 displaced families in NJ and NY? I know that there is interest in our New Hampshire parish, however, we are wondering if there is a coordinating agency within the Church.

  7. John Lindner Says:

    As the Church’s domestic responder, Catholic Charities is taking the lead on this. CRS is supporting Catholic Charities as they have supported us in past emergencies.

  8. aaronschmidt Says:

    Well,That is a good thing that there are still people who are willing to help,rather than thinking about money which we also need because of the dropping economy.

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