Human Trafficking Conference in Washington

On Sunday CRS and Catholic Charities will host the “Responding to Trafficking in Persons in the Americas” conference in Washington D.C. CRS staff and partners working in the field of human trafficking will share their experiences and best practices as they discuss trafficking for sexual exploitation and indentured servitude, special needs of child victims and trafficking risks in emergency settings.

Trafficking in human beings is a $10 billion+ growth industry. There are estimates that 700,000 to 4 million people are trafficked throughout the world each year. CRS responds to human trafficking as a profound human rights concern that disproportionately impacts the poor and the marginalized. Since 2000 CRS has implemented close to 100 local, national and cross border counter-trafficking projects In 29 countries. The dollar value of our programs in the past 8 years exceeds $15 million.

The suffering of the victims of trafficking is indisputable. Understanding the forces that create and sustain this global problem is far more difficult. A complex array of initiatives will be necessary to combat it. Trafficking does not exist in isolation or disconnected from economic, political and social forces that increase the vulnerability and desperation of the poor and marginalized, the refugee and migrant, women and children. Trafficking is one of the tragic end results of economic and social disparities that have increased the vulnerability of millions of people; allowing many within our societies to be considered little more than a commodity.

Follow us as we blog live from the conference on Monday and Tuesday. You can also receive our twitter updates.

– Sara Fajardo, CRS communications officer

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