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How You’ve Helped Haiti

Thanks in part to your advocacy efforts, Congress has passed the FY 2010 Supplemental Appropriations bill.  This bill will provide critical support for people suffering from emergencies around the world including urgently needed funding to help Haiti recover from January’s devastating earthquake, assist refugees, and support humanitarian efforts.

What was the Church’s position? As stated in letters to House and Senate appropriators, CRS and USCCB requested:

What was the outcome of the bill? Although not all of the funding that CRS and USCCB requested was included, we achieved the following:

Why is this issue important to my Catholic faith? As Catholics, we believe that each person is created in the image of God. Aid to poor people overseas protects human life and dignity by promoting human development and reducing crushing poverty, deadly diseases and malnutrition.  Your advocacy is a significant act of solidarity that has helped provide additional funding to meet the needs of our sisters and brothers everywhere who are suffering.

What else can I do to support our brothers and sisters in need? Join Catholics Confront Global Poverty and become a star on our solidarity map! Pray, learn, share, and advocate to confront global poverty in your parish, school, university, youth group, diocese, or religious community.

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