How Many Drilling Rigs Does Your Archdiocese Own?

If you’re at all interested in learning what a stunning force for good parishes can be in the world, read Ron Lajoie’s report in Catholic New York. He writes about an Ethiopian well drilling project that involves New York parishes, the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat, and CRS. It’s a compelling story for several reasons: it’s succintly reported, paints a clear picture of the dire problem Ethiopians face, and shows how one “mustard seed” project can transform whole communities now and far into the future.

Excerpted from the story:

“These rigs are good for about 100,000 people a year over their 20-year lifespan,” Jerry Stanton, CRS Northeast major gifts officer noted. “Two of the machines are brand new. One of the machines is three years old and that’s already provided water for 250,000 people. But 50 million people have no clean water in Ethiopia. We’re trying to chip away at that.”

Read the rest of the story here.

For an Ethiopian’s perspective on what wells mean to her, see this short story.

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